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Iain Bailey Magic



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Reviews from the Pros:

“Thats fantastic, very unexpected and quirky in a good way. Really great idea” David Jonathan

"Iain's spade effect is groundbreaking (😁). It is brilliantly funny and entertaining and has a real kicker finish. Iain really is a Jack of all spades!" — Gary Jones

"Iain Bailey has masterfully transformed a stage classic into an awe-inspiring close-up piece, completely flipping it around! I dig it!"  — Joel Dickinson

“I love workers and this is a worker! Iain has given us a brilliant piece of magic with a kicker ending that ties this routine up nicely! This is going directly into my walk-around. Seriously!” David McCreary

“The perfect close-up production of an item followed by another great moment of visual magic- what more could you want! A real world worker that needs to be in your pocket at all times” — Paul Fowler

“If you’re looking for a trick that is quick, easy to follow and easy to perform then this trick is SPADE in heaven” — Wayne Goodman

"Dig it is such a great play on words which isn't only fun but hits your spectators with a hilarious kicker. Such a playful trick and a genius presentation!" — Harri Harrington

Dig It takes the world famous stage effect "Missing Spade" by Wayne Rogers and brings it to the close up arena.

Here's what happens:

Phase one:

Two cards are selected.

The first participant's card you are able to guess with no fishing whatsoever. A simple, clear and impossible mind reading experience.

Phase two:

The second participant's card you attempt to find. However rather than finding the two of spades you accidentally find the three of spades (one too many spades...).

In order to rectify the situation you hold the card at the tip of your fingers and magically pull off a mini spade/shovel from the card! Not only that but the card has now transformed into their selected card.

Phase three:

You shake off the sand on the spade revealing an engraving of the first participant's card: The seven of diamonds!

This effect is fun, unexpected and easy to do. On the one hour long download, Iain will teach four handlings for all skill sets. One self contained beginner handling and three simple, non gimmicked deck handlings. 

This is Iain's favourite card trick to perform and he's certain you are going to Dig It.

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