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Iain Bailey Magic

Key Ring

Key Ring

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Iain Bailey’s KeyRing is a perfect EDC item. It’s a natural object which transforms in front of your spectators eyes!

Imagine taking your key off of your keyring, handing it out for examination and then you instantly start to bend it at your fingertips. You bend it so much you could actually wear it as a ring, a Key Ring! (great gag eh) your newly formed key ring can now be handed out if you wish but that’s not the end of the effect. You take the ring back and instantly straighten it. This looks sooo good! And then you toss the straight key in the air and it instantly turns back in to a ring and attaches itself to your finger. Now for one final time with just a wipe the rig straightens out again and the key is back to its normal state.

‘Iain’s new KeyRing ticks all the boxes:
gorgeous visuals, super-practical handling and
multiple moments of amazement.
It is now part of my permanent EDC.
And I can’t say any better than that!’ Mark Elsdon

‘KeyRing is a visual stunner
and perfectly suitable
for your Everyday Carry!’ Gregory Wilson

‘KeyRing is a super commercial piece of magic,
that really is a great EDC.
Everyone knows I love magic with keys and this trick is
one of the best I’ve seen!
It combines the visuals of Karate Coin with
mental bending and regular objects it
a tour de force of sleight of hand.
Super visual, super fun and very magical’ Craig Petty

KeyRing is a modular, multi-phased routine for all skill levels. It’s packed with visual moments and is the idea effect to carry with you.

In your pack you receive the gimmicks and a full tutorial video featuring Iain Bailey. Iain teaches you his entire routine plus some really nice bonuses.

You also get some awesome tips from legend Garrett Thomas and a bonus video featuring Gregory Wilson where he teaches you his go to KeyRing Effect.

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