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Iain Bailey Magic

Jameson Wallet

Jameson Wallet

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Finally A Card To Wallet Designed For The Modern Performer!

 'I love this minimalistic wallet, this will be replacing my large JOL wallet and frees up another pocket, can load from back, front or jacket pocket. Love this so much bought a black also, now I have one for everyday carry and one in my suit for upcoming gigs! This is now my wallet of choice!'  - D Rotherham


For decades magicians have been frying audiences with The Card To Wallet effect but in all that time the style of wallet used has pretty much stayed the same. In most cases they are big, bulky and just plain outdated. In fact the only people to even still use this style of wallet is usually a magician.

That's about to change! Around 3 years ago Iain Bailey the creator of Measure For Measure sent us a prototype of a new style card to wallet. A wallet he had created by adapting his own Mont Blanc® wallet. The design was modern and the workings were simple and we loved it!

We send the new design to our manufacturer but it ended up getting misplaced for 2 years!! It finally resurfaced and after a few prototype tweaks I'm happy to say it's now ready.The Jameson wallet is not only the most innocent and modern looking Card To Wallet on the market but it also holds a couple of other awesome secrets.

The Jameson Wallet comes with beautiful high quality leather wallet and a full instructional video and a host of bonus routines!I'm confident that the Jameson wallet will soon become your CTW of choice and for maybe the first time a CTW that will become your everyday wallet! We have the Jameson Wallet Available in Black Leather or our gorgeous Brown Leather.

It's time for an update, Bring your Card To Wallet routine up to date!

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