This Week: Wand-O-Blocks back in stock and I’m lecturing!

This Week: Wand-O-Blocks back in stock and I’m lecturing!

If you're a fan of magic and building block toys, you might be familiar with the popular trick called "Wand-O-Blocks." This mind-bending trick involves a set of black blocks in the form of a magic wand. The white tips of the wand vanish, move and reappear in a truly magical way. It's a fun, cute trick that's captured the imaginations of magicians and building block enthusiasts alike.

However, if you've recently tried to purchase Wand-O-Blocks, you might have run into some frustration. Due to issues with customs, the trick has been out of stock for the past four weeks. But the good news is that it's finally back in stock and ready for purchase!

So, what happened to cause the delay in the first place? Unfortunately, customs issues are a common occurrence when it comes to shipping products internationally. While Wand-O-Blocks is manufactured in a high-quality facility and meets all safety and regulatory standards, sometimes these types of products can get held up in transit.

In this case, Wand-O-Blocks was held in customs for an extended period due to a routine inspection. The inspectors needed to ensure that the product was fun, practical, hard hitting met all of the necessary regulations of Iain Bailey Magic before allowing it to enter the country ;) This process can take longer than expected, and unfortunately, it resulted in a delay for Wand-O-Blocks.

But now that the trick is back in stock, it's time to celebrate! If you've been waiting patiently for your chance to purchase Wand-O-Blocks, now is the time to act. This exciting illusion is sure to provide hours of entertainment for those hobbyists and professionals alike.

So, what makes Wand-O-Blocks so special? For one thing, it's been given 100% by Craig & Ryland Petty’s review show and remained in the top 10 for over a month after its release (which is pretty amazing with the volume of magic being released these days). The props are great quality and the tuition from myself and Erik Tait has been complimented over and over again. I also Chatted to Alex from Monster Magic about it whilst he was in the bath…long story.


Additionally, Wand-O-Blocks is a great gift for anyone who loves lego, magic, or both. Whether you're shopping for a friend or family member who loves the latest fun magic trick or a budding magician looking to add a new trick to your repertoire, Wand-O-Blocks is a great choice.

Don't wait – grab your set today and start performing Wand-O-Blocks!

PS. If you are in the East Horsley area I will be Lecturing in the Nomad Theatre this coming Thursday night at 7:30pm. Tickets are £10 and you can book your place by emailing:


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