This week: Lecture Recap + New Packaging!!

Welcome back to another exciting weekly update from Iain Bailey Magic.

Last post I teased you by telling you about an lecture I did last week for the Surrey society of Magicians. I have to say that we all had a blast! The society were super nice and welcoming to me. Most importantly I managed to avoid traffic on the M25 on the way there which was a sign everything was going to be fine.

If you have never been to this club and you live in Surrey then please do yourself a favour and visit/join/never leave! This club don’t meet down a dark alley, they don’t meet in a side room of a jujitsu club, no no no, they meet in a full on theatre!

Now, you will notice I strategically took the photo with no one sat in their seats. This is because there are around 20 regular members and so it would be embarrassing to have a photo of only one row filled. However I loved the venue! It’s great that the Nomad Theatre open their venue once a month for the club and it’s great for the club to support the very place magic is best performed.

My lecture contained walkthroughs of some of my official magic releases from AlakazamThe 1914 and Penguin Magic as well as some other fun, quick tricks along with a section called 7x7 where I share 7 tips in under 7 mins of adjustments you can make to past magic tricks you’ve bought and stuck in that infamous ‘bottom drawer’.

Here is what member John Field put on his social media about my lecture:

"The Lecture Without Card Tricks would be a great title for a lecture and we almost had it tonight at The Surrey Society of Magicians when Iain Bailey lectured. He showed us a variety of effects which were fresh and some were being sold by international dealers.

There was one card trick but it had an unusual finish which took it out of the usual “pick a card” genre. The scary thing was when I realised how old I was when Iain was born! Keep up the good work, Iain and come back to see us soon." -- John Field

I want to say a big thank you to you if you are part of a magic club that has already booked me to lecture this year. 2023 is filling up and I look forward to travelling around the U.K this summer meeting you all. If you would like to book me for your club then please contact me via my website:

Now lets talk packaging…

The great thing about my having a normal job along side my lectures and magic creating is that I have the luxury to splash out on things that ruin profit margins. In this case we are talking stickers, black padded envelopes and also thank you flyers with a picture of my face on it…


Want to know what I’ve blanked out? Well you’ll find out once you’ve placed your first order at


So as always, massive thank you for supporting my magic and I’ll speak next week.

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